Naturopathic Corporations


It has come to the attention of the Board that some naturopathic corporations created in California may not be following legal requirements; specifically, they are improperly named. The Board does not actively search naturopathic corporations to find violations, but has occasion to identify violations subsequent to other processes.

Business & Professions Code Section 3674 states, "The name of a naturopathic corporation and any name or names under which it may render professional services, shall contain the words "naturopathic" or "naturopathic doctor" and, as appropriate, wording or abbreviations denoting its status as a corporation." This does not apply to non-corporate entities.

You are hereby notified that if your naturopathic corporation does not currently comply with the above law, you have until June 1, 2012 to correct the name. After that time, the Board will cite & fine individual NDs for unprofessional conduct for violating Section 3674 of the Naturopathic Doctors Act.